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No Sleep
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by Charmer

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chillem Drenched in emotion. It’s hard not to get a little nostalgic when listening to this record. One of my favorite pieces of modern emo. Favorite track: Topanga Lawrence.
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jimjamthesadman Long live emo albums with houses on their cover
Favorite track: Bummer Summer.
Calynxx thumbnail
Calynxx I would marry this album if I could Favorite track: Roy's Our Boy.
Sonserai thumbnail
Sonserai A deceptively unassuming emo album at first glance, but it's a classic example of "simple, yet elegant." It's hauntingly beautiful. Favorite track: Roy's Our Boy.
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idreamindropc Charmer owns emo Favorite track: Garden State, Like The Zach Braff Movie.
Dan Russo
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Dan Russo Literally a perfect album

Much love from Pittsburgh, hopefully you can make it here one day. Favorite track: Floral.
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Bummer summer I wrote too many songs about the fall Then autumn came along the day I started taking adderall And really it's a bummer that I wasted all of my summer Just trying to convince everyone that I was actually getting any better with every winter semester, I'm never getting better Really it's a bummer I wasted my entire summer trying to convince everyone I was ever getting better with every single winter semester, I'm never getting better And really it's a bummer that you had to move before the summer You really could of helped me get a whole lot better And I'll remember to take my adderall before noon So I don't stay up all night waiting for a wake up text from you
Roy's our Boy Well you know where I hide my keys on my front porch to my front door I'm passed out on my trampoline just wishing things were like they were before Happiness became a chore Seasonal depression puts your face in the snow And you're just a failure if you move back home Break a bad habit that I sleep with my phone I'm so alone, I'm so alone Just look at the dead leaves crumbling beneath our feet And that first semester wasn't good for me I get nervous so I bite the sides of my cheeks I won't notice until my mouth begins to bleed
Nurse Joy 02:31
Nurse Joy Are you having fun spending your spring break at home for a month You probably won't tell anyone I'd be willing to bet ten dollars that you'll never see the sun, you'll never see the sun It's not you but I think it's me If we don't leave now you'll just take my keys And just complain that there's nothing to see But quote on quote an abundance of trees And now you're laying horizontal in my back seat As I cater to your obsession to control the heat And 8 hours long isn't bad for me I swear to fucking god I can do it in my sleep So I slept the whole ride home to a playlist of high school songs I know you'll leave so what's the use I'll still be a mess this time next year and you'll be with someone new Well are you having fun spending your spring break at home for a month You never told anyone Do you think we'll make it home before we see the sun Do you think we'll make it home before we see the sun
Floral 03:13
Floral I'll Stay in your bed all day While we sit here crossed legged Smoking away every single day But you're too nervous to sing in front of me Floral patterns on your sheets You can put a henna tattoo anywhere on me But you called just to tell me that I left my jacket on the front seat of your car and I didn't know if that was a sign that you had something that you wanted to talk about Because you're not one to bring things up Will you think of me as you study abroad over seas as I think of you and the floral patterns on your bed sheets Why'd you have to leave
Death by Red Eye Staring at the back board above your garage from the hood of your car
Topanga Lawrence Could you please not fall asleep To the title screen of your favorite movie Well I'm sorry for when I leave I just can't deal with your body heat touching me And the distance between our house Doesn't matter to me right now So I'll bring my shoes up to your room So your friend don't know I'm with you Topanga why'd you get to cool Please invite me over to get high in your bedroom Is it normal for people to move onto better things but if I'm being honest I'm still not over you Topanga why'd you get to cool Invite me over to get high in your bedroom Is it normal for people to move onto Better things but I'm still in love with you
Starship Tina Well I'm just bait I understand how you can't relate Well I know when the lights go down in the streets I'll do anything for you because I think I'm what you need A sun tan on your hand that fades with the weekend Well the water looks nice so I'll jump in exhale to the bottom without my friends I'll drench myself with sadness and drown myself with thought So I'll go downstate just to see my friends maybe I'll clear my head The houses all look the same maybe I'll feel okay you will never know that your in several songs that I wrote So don't be mad I wasn't good enough for you You can't be mad no ones ever good enough for you
Pretty over college I'm pretty over college my friends stayed the same But what I miss the most you made it all okay Why'd you have to be that way why'd you have to go and change
Split Plate 01:26
Garden state On the kitchen counter exhale smoke through the screen door Watch the clock for hours Am I just tired or am I just really bored Or am I scared that this will never work out Am I scared? Every 10 minutes plan flies by I wonder if I'll ever get any sleep tonight That's what I get for renting a place just two blocks away from an airport And you'd be laughing in my face if I weren't so far away so your forced to do it over on the phone now Fire walk with me and help me find the other half of my heart It's okay if you blame me I guess we'll have to go back to the start Help me find the other half of my heart


released April 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Charmer Marquette, Michigan

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